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 Nadia Hammad

Nadia Hammad

Research Technician


 01392 722947



Current projects:

Hydrogen sulfide as a novel guardian of the retinal vascular endothelial glycocalyx; new therapeutic opportunities
Investigating the use of slow release hydrogen sulphide donors for protection of the retinal endothelial glycocalyx from diabetes-associated degradation

Platelet–tumour cell interactions: potential role in metastasis of primary lung tumours to the brain

Investigating the effect of previously identified lung tumour secreted proteins on platelet activation / aggregation and whether these same proteins induce aggregation of lung tumour cells and platelets.


Alkhouli, N, et al. The mechanical properties of human adipose tissues and their relationships to the structure and composition of the extracellular matrix. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 305 12: E1427-1435, 2013.


PhD Medical studies (2010 - 2015)

Study of human adipose tissue and its physical properties
Investigating the mechanical properties of human adipose tissue and their structural bases using novel biophysics techniques, including tensile testing and multiphoton microscopy (CARS, TPF, SHG).

BSc in Biological and Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Exeter (2006-2010)
Research project: Organoruthenium chemistry: Ligand Substitution Reactions of [RuHCl(CO)(PPh3)3]
Investigating the preparation  of  ruthenium  complexes  that  have  the  potential  of  displaying anticancer properties.




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