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Hayley Gains

Graduate Research Assistant




I am interested in understanding how we promote healthy psychological development from an early age. The research I work on draws on cognitive, social and developmental psychology.


  • MSc Psychological Research Methods, University of Exeter
  • BSc Psychology, Durham University 

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Research interests

Hayley joined the Children and Young People's Mental Health Research Collaboration (ChYMe) in January 2020 and currently works with schools across Devon on a randomized control trial to assess the effectiveness of KiVa, a Finnish anti-bullying intervention. The Stand Together Trial ( will evaluate whether KiVa reduces levels of bullying in UK primary schools and if so, whether it results in improvements in children’s mental health, school liking and attendance, and teacher confidence in dealing with bullying. Hayley also works on a project to assess the validity of an adapted UK measure of student-teacher relationships and is completing her MSc in Psychological Research Methods at the University of Exeter Psychology Department.

Prior to moving to Exeter, Hayley worked as Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Cambridge Centre for Play in Education, Development and Learning and worked on a number of projects looking at the role of play in school. This included a teacher development programme to foster children’s autonomy, investigating the measurement of children’s engagement, and comparing approaches to measuring executive function in the classroom.

Research projects


  • Remote Worker Connectedness Scale: Development and validation (MSc)
  • Effective implementation in education 


  • Stand Together: Randomised control trial of KiVa antibullying programme
  • Student Teacher Relationship Scale: UK adaptation
  • Attend: Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for young people in CAMHS at risk of depressive relapse
  • Comparing measurement approaches to executive function 
  • Autonomy and love of learning: A teacher development programme 
  • Leuven involvement: Children's engagement in play based learning
  • The effect of children's play with dolls on body preferences and ideals 
  • Proactive and reactive aggression: a study of primary school children
  • Mental health stigma and infrared eye-tracking as an implicit indicator of attitudes (BSc)

External Engagement and Impact


  • British Psychological Society Voices in Psychology Winner 2019

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  • Neuroscience Research Project

  • BMBS Making Sense of Evidence (randomised controlled trials)

  • Guest speaker: MSc Psychology (Conversion) - KiVa antibullying intervention and research

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