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 Charlene Ronquillo

Charlene Ronquillo

Postdoctoral Research Associate


 +44 (0) 1392 724458

 South Cloisters 2.21


South Cloisters, University of Exeter, St Luke's Campus, Heavitree Road, Exeter, EX1 2LU, UK


Charlene has a clinical background in nursing and is a registered nurse in Canada, the US, with UK registration in process.  

Her research interests centre on change and implementation in health systems, health informatics, and mobile and connected health technologies.

Drawing from her clinical, professional, and research experiences, Charlene contributes to the growing momentum and capacity in implementation science and support research projects adopted and led by PenCLAHRC, actively identifying and developing research and implementation ideas relevant to PenCLAHRC’s aims, and contributing to the securing of external funding to support these.

In Canada and the UK, she has had experience in professional roles that spanned the boundaries and aimed to better link academia and practice. She has been involved with promoting evidence-based practice in nursing, the development and implementation of a knowledge translation and exchange strategic plan across a large health region, supporting the development and write up of numerous grant applications for health service improvement projects on behalf of NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and clinicians, and brokering relationships between stakeholders in practice and academia. Charlene has experience working on research projects that have employed qualitative, quantitative, and co-production methods. She has also had experience with usability testing, person-centred design, wireframing and rapid and exploratory prototyping. 


  • In progress – PhD Candidate (University of British Columbia)
  • 2010 – MSN (University of British Columbia)
  • 2007 – BScN (McGill University)


After her basic nursing training, Charlene worked a Registered Nurse in the Neurosciences wards of Vancouver General Hospital and also at the Student Health Services clinic of the University of British Columbia. Charlene's Masters research examined the migration of Filipino nurses in Western Canada using oral history. During my Masters, she also worked as a research assistant on various projects, including a study examining the history of general hospital psychiatric nursing units in Western Canada, and a project examining the impacts of community connections on the well-being and health of adolescents.

Charlene then took on a role as the Nursing Research Facilitator for the Fraser Health Authority in British Columbia, which was a foundational program of the BC Nursing Research Initiative by the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research. Her responsibilities centered on targeting over 8000 nurses in the health region to promote nursing research skill-building, facilitating knowledge translation, and building partnerships between across the Fraser Health Authority region and various academic institutions.

Charlene's PhD training in nursing informatics examines the implementation of mobile health technologies in nursing. During her PhD, Charlene worked as a research assistant on a study examining the use of a web-based tobacco cessation tool for gay men living with HIV who smoke, and have also led smaller studies as a co-principal investigator (Adoption of speech recognition technology in community healthcare nursing) and co-investigator (Nursing Informatics: a survey of current and future trends). Charlene relocated to England in 2015 and her post prior to the PenCLAHRC was as a Research Fellow at the University of the West of England, working closely with the Avon Primary Care Research Collaborative. This past role focused on supporting the development and submission of health service improvement and research funding bids on behalf of three Clinical Commissioning Groups in the West of England.


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Research interests

Broad research specialisms:

  • Knowledge mobilisation
  • Implementation science
  • Health informatics
  • Nursing research
  • mHealth
  • Health services research
  • User-centered design
  • Human factors
  • Agile

Charlene is particularly interested in the development of the science of implementation science and drawing from disciplines beyond health and medicine. As it is a rapidly growing and emerging field, she believes there are substantial overlaps between concepts in implementation science and concepts in various other fields (e.g., information systems, management and information science, health informatics, social psychology, and organizational behaviour, among others), particularly related to the adoption, acceptance, and uptake new technologies.

Charlene is also interested in exploring informatics methods to best leverage clinician expertise to design, develop, and implement better health information technologies (especially mHealth) to support the work of clinicians at the point of care. She is a staunch advocate for 'starting with the end-user' and the inclusion of clinician voices in health information technology procurement, design, development, and implementation.

Research projects

  • Adoption of speech recognition technology in community healthcare nursing

  • Nursing Informatics: a survey of current and future trends

External Engagement and Impact

Committee/panel activities

Chair, Students and Emerging Professionals Working Group of the International Medical Informatics Association – Nursing Informatics Special Interest Group (IMIA-NISIG).

Editorial responsibilities

Journal reviewer for:

  • Nursing Inquiry
  • Western Journal of Nursing Research
  • Social Science and Medicine
  • Journal of Nursing Measurement
  • Healthcare Policy Review

Conference reviewer for:

  • MedInfo 2015 Conference, June 2015 (Assistant Editor)
  • e-Health 2015 Conference, November 2015
  • UBC Nursing Graduate Student Symposium, March 2014

Invited lectures & workshops

Currie L, Phillips JC, Ronquillo C, Rowsell D. (2016). “User-Centred Design using Gamestorming.” Tutorial presented at the 13th International Congress in Nursing Informatics NI2016: June 25-29, 2016, Geneva, Switzerland.

Ronquillo C. (2016). Mobilising knowledge in nursing clinical practice: Examples from the Canadian Nurse Research Facilitator Program. Invited presentation at the UWE Research Students' Training and Support Day. University of the West of England, Faculty of Health Sciences: May 13, 2016, Bristol, United Kingdom.

Ronquillo C. (2016). Understanding knowledge mobilization in clinical practice. Invited presentation at the Nursing and Midwifery Department Forum. University of the West of England, Faculty of Health Sciences: April 13, 2016, Bristol, United Kingdom.

Chakraborty B & Ronquillo C. (2014). The Role of Research Facilitators in Health Care Service Organizations in British Columbia. Invited presentation at the International Workshop-cum-3rd Research Methods Course. Baba Farid University of Health Sciences: October 28, Faridkot, Punjab, India.

Chunick S & Ronquillo C. (2013). A brief introduction to knowledge transfer and exchange. Invited presentation at the Trinity Western University School of Nursing Faculty Professional Development Day: April 29, Langley, BC.

Hilario C, Ronquillo C, Struik L & Hankivsky O. (2013). Gaps in the intersections: Methodological approaches to continuity of care research. Pre-conference workshop at the 18th Annual Ethel Johns Nursing Research Forum: February 1, Vancouver, Canada.

Ronquillo C, Black A & Sandhu K. (2012). Practice-based Research: Electronic Community of Practice. Invited presentation at the InspireNet 2012 Connect 2012 Conference: Making Research Partnerships Work: What does it take?: November 5, Vancouver, BC.

Boschma G, Vandenberg H & Ronquillo C. (2012). Innovating the culture of nurses’ work. Pre-conference workshop at the 17th Annual Ethel Johns Nursing Research Forum: February 3, Vancouver, Canada.

Ronquillo C & Black A. (2011). Practice-based research. Invited presentation at the InspireNet 2011 Connect 2011 Conference: Research partnerships in action – Shaping nursing health services in BC: November 7, Vancouver, BC. 

Ronquillo C. (2011). History of immigrant Filipino nurses in Canada. Invited presentation at the British Columbia History of Nursing Society fall luncheon: November 12, Vancouver, Canada.

Ronquillo C. (2010). Journey to Greener Pastures: Oral Histories of Migrant Filipino Nurses in Canada. Invited presentation at the “Health worker migration in Canada: Histories, Geographies, and Ethics” academic-policy workshop: September 30, Vancouver, Canada.


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