Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health Professions

Nursing Academy Interview Panellist

We are seeking open-minded, fair individuals who are interested in assisting in selecting our future nurses. We welcome a broad range of people from across the region to make up our interviewing panels, so as to ensure the reliability of our process. Everyone, regardless of professional background, is eligible to be a panellist providing training is completed.  

The interviews

All applicants who apply for our new undergraduate MSci Nursing and meet our set academic requirements will be required to attend a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) in order to assess various non-academic traits.

An MMI consists of a series of short, structured interview stations used to assess non-cognitive qualities including cultural sensitivity, maturity, teamwork, empathy, reliability and communication skills.

The candidate will face questions touching upon communication skills, motivation and commitment to study, empathy and understanding of strengths and weaknesses.

Panellists will be responsible for one station each and the assessment of the applicant will be according to the panellists own judgement and not that of a group.

A numeracy and literacy test will also form part of the day, however panellists would not be required to oversee this.

Training for panellists

Training workshops to explain the process and scoring system employed by the University will take place on the following dates at our St Luke’s Campus:

  • Tuesday 10 July
  • Tuesday 17July
  • Wednesday 18 July
  • Wednesday 1 August
  • Wednesday 8 August

As well as completing a training session those who interview will need to be Equality and Diversity trained.

Refreshments and travel expenses for the interview training session would be provided. You will be offering your time on a volunteer basis as payment from the University is not offered. Training sessions (2 hours in duration).

To apply please complete the inteview panellist form 2018 and return to You should outline the dates on which you would be available to attend. You will receive confirmation of scheduling upon receipt of your availability.

If you would like any further information regarding levels of commitment and the interview period, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Aku Atubra, Admissions Team Leader at