"How I Feel About My School"

Provisional Script to explain HIFAMS

Please note: We do not intend this script to be read verbatim. There is room to change the exact wording if necessary. The structure should remain the same though, and the finalised examples of happy/neutral/sad responses should not be changed between classes.

"Today, we’d like you to help us with a special project. We’re going to ask you some questions about school and how school makes you feel. The answers you give us will be used to help other children like you.

“There are no right or wrong answers; we just want to know how you feel. It is very important you answer the questions on your own, your friends might have completely different ideas to you, but we really want to hear what you yourself have to say.

“To answer the questions you need to circle the face you think shows how you feel. If you feel happy, circle the happy face; if you’re unhappy, circle the sad face; if you’re neither happy nor unhappy, circle the OK face. Let’s do some practices now:

“How does going to a party make you feel?

“How does falling over in the playground make you feel?

[Use other examples as needed]

“Everyone understand? If your answers make us worried about you, we might have to talk to someone who can help us to help you.”

Show copy of the questionnaire.

Here are the pictures of the three faces to help you explain to the children.