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Events archive 2012-2013

Monday 8 April 2013 13:00 - 14:00 IHSR Seminar Speaker: Dr Courtney Davis Lecturer in Sociology from University of Sussex Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
Thursday 14 March 2013 13:00 - 14:00 Applying the sociology of diagnosis to mental health

Speaker: Dr Susan Kelly, University of Exeter

In this talk I will present a synopsis of perspectives from the sociology of diagnosis, an emerging sub discipline in medical sociology that has seen a surge of interest over the past several years, notably with the publication of Anne Marie Jutel’s Putting a Name to It, and will focus particularly on relevance to mental health practice and concerns.

Event 294 - 14 March 2013.

Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
Tuesday 12 March 2013 14:00 Doctor I have dementia - will there be a cure? Current advances in research and new treatments

Speaker: Prof Ian McKeith, Newcastle University

Event 298 - 12 March 2013

Lecture Theatre, PMS, RD&E Wonford
Friday 8 March 2013 13:00 IHSR Seminar Speaker: Professor Gillian Bendelow Professor of Sociology from University of Sussex Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
Thursday 28 February 2013 12:30 Evaluating the impact of 'bolt-on' items to EQ-5D: results from the NICE QoL project

Speaker: Louise Longworth, Reader, Brunel University

The EQ-5D is a commonly used measure of health-related quality of life and is widely used in economic evaluations of health interventions; however there are concerns about its validity and responsiveness in some specific conditions.

Event 288 - 28 February 2013

Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter

Wednesday 20 February 2013


The medicalisation of everyday life: Medical domination or social progress?

Speaker: Sir Denis Pereira Gray OBE

Sir Denis Pereira Gray will illustrate the growing influence of medicine through recent history, citing the extension of interventions and novel medical technologies, the lowering of thresholds required for treatment, and the extension of medical jurisdiction to cover behaviour and lifestyle choices. The seminar will cite a mixture of evidence based research and experience from his long and illustrious career as a GP.

Event 290 - 20 February 2013

Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter

Friday 8 February 2013


Empirical evidence on sources of bias in randomised controlled trials: methods of and results from the BRANDO study

Speaker: Prof Jonathan Sterne, University of Bristol. Jonathan Sterne is Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology and Head, School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol. His research interests include methodology for meta-analysis and systematic reviews, the clinical epidemiology of HIV and AIDS in the era of antiretroviral therapy, causal inference, and epidemiology of asthma and allergic diseases.

Event 289 - 8 February 2013

Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter

Tuesday 29 January 2013


Evidence, Trip and the future of searching

 Speaker: Jon Brassey, Director TRIP database

Trip Database, an evidence-based clinical search engine, has been running for 15 years and in that time it has been searched over 100 million times.

Event 282 - 29 January 2013

Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter

Thursday 17 January 2013


The place of qualitative methods in suicide research: What can and can't they tell us?

Speaker: Dr Christabel Owens, Hon SRF, UEMS

In this presentation, I will outline some of the questions that suicide researchers seek to answer, discuss the strengths and limitations of qualitative methods, and give examples of their legitimate and not-so-legitimate use.

Event 292 - 17 January 2013

Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter

Wednesday 28 November 2012


Improving analytical approaches in cost-effectiveness studies - the case of cluster trials

Speaker: Richard Grieve, Reader in Health Economics, LSHTM

Richard Grieve is a reader in health economics at LSHTM. He leads research developing new analytical approaches for handling selection bias, clustering and missing data in economic evaluation.

Event 277 - 28 November 2012

Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter

 Friday 16 November 2012


How to improve the nation's parenting so children form more secure attachments and behave more considerately

Speaker: Professor Stephen Scott, Kings College London


 PMS18 Lecture Theatre, St Lukes
 Thursday 25 October 2012 13:00 Depression in people with coronary heart disease: causes, effects and treatments

Speaker: Profesor Chris Dickens, UEMS

In this presentation Chris will present findings from recent studies that explore barriers to the effective treatment of depression among people with coronary heart disease, that also suggest directions for future research and service innovations that will facilitate the delivery of efficacious treatments to people with CHD.
For further

 Event 269 - 25 October 2012


Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter

 Tuesday 23 October 2012


 Exploring the electronic patient record (EPR) in general practice: Insights from linguistic ethnography

Speaker: Dr. Deborah Swinglehurst (NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in General Practice) from Queen Mary, University of London Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter

 Tuesday 23 October 2012


 Exploring the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) in General Practice:

 Speaker: Dr. Deborah Swinglehurst (NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in General Practice) from Queen Mary, University of London.

Event 263 - 23 October 2012

Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
 Monday 8 October 2012  17:30  Can intervention improve the mother-infant relationship?  Speaker: Professor Jeanette Millgrom, University of Melbourne  PMS LT, RD&E, Exeter
 Thursday 4 October 2012  15:30  What has PPI contributed to the work of South Yorkshire CLAHRC?  Speaker: Professor Ade Adebajo and Dr Jill Thompson, South Yorkshire CLAHRC  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
 Thursday 20 September 2012  13:00  The how and why of Rumination and worry: lessons from psychological treatments from experimental research into repetitive thought  Speaker: Professor Ed Watkins, Mood Disorders Centre, University of Exeter  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
 Tuesday 18 September 2012 12:30  PenCIRN: The Peninsula Complex Interventions Research Network  Speaker: Professor David Richards, University of Exeter  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
Fri October 11 2013 13:00 - 14:00  Postcard versus interviews: new perspectives on gathering data about patient experiences of participating in blood pressure self-management trials.

Speaker: Professor Sheila Greenfield, Primary Care Clinical Sciences, College of Medical and Dental Sciences, University of Birmingham

Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building
Fri October 11 2013  12:30 Professor Bart Jacobs presents on Guillain-Barré syndrome

Professor Bart Jacobs is one of the world’s leading neurologists and an expert on Guillain–Barré syndrome. In this 40 minute lecture he will consider the latest developments in our understanding of the condition, including new data about its aetiology.

Richard Farrow Lecture Theatre, Knowledge Spa, Truro.
Sat October 12 & Sun October 13 2013   A Foundation of Excellence: How to kick-start your career in style

National Conference to provide medical students with tips, inside knowledge and skills to start the Foundation Programme with confidence. Accepting peer-reviewed submissions for posters & oral presentations. Torbay Medical Student Prize (£50 and trophy) —opportunity for all students to win prizes for the best submissions. Keynote Speaker: Professor Stuart Carney, Deputy Director of the UK Foundation Programme.

South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Torquay
Mon October 14 2013  18:45 Nick Ross lecture: Crime, how to solve it, and why so much of what we're told is wrong

The lecture will be hosted by Professor Steve Thornton, Dean, University of Exeter Medical School, and it is open to staff, students and the general public.  There will be an opportunity for questions, followed by a drinks reception in the ‘Street’ area of the Forum.  Further details can be found by clicking on the title.

Alumni Auditorium, the Forum, Streatham Campus.
Tues October 15 2013 18:00 - 19:00 'Thinking Globally, Acting Locally'- By Dr Richard Ayres

Two student groups, Medsin and UAEM, are pleased to announce the launch of a series of talks in Exeter on Global Health issues.
This talk will aim to explore the concepts and history underlying the term 'global health' before discussing how a global health outlook can and should influence domestic or individual life. The talk is free, and open to all students and staff from Exeter university.

Medsin Exeter Global Health Series Facebook page

NC12 Lecture Theatre, St Luke's Campus
Weds October 16 2013  9.30 - 17:00 Introduction to GIS and its research applications

This one day course in Truro will give an introduction into Geographic Information Systems (GIS), their value and how to use them, particularly in the health and environment sector.

Knowledge Spa, Truro
Weds October 16 2013  12:00 - 13:00 Emotions, Identity and Becoming a Doctor

Professor Tim Dornan, Professor of Medical Education in the Department of Education Development and Research, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at Masstricht University. A light lunch will be served in the reception from 13:00

Lecture Theatre, Medical School Building, Wonford.
Video link to F10, Knowledge Spa, Truro, with limited capacity, so please email Sian Smith to book a place.

Thurs 17 October 2013

16:00 - 17:00

17 October 2013 - Professor Pat Kehoe

New targets for old arrows? - Renin angiotensin system inhibition for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease? 

Within the last decade the involvement of the renin angiotensin system (RAS) in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has become an area of rapidly growing interest. There is now strong, but also conflicting evidence, as to the involvement of angiotensin II (Ang II) and its maker ACE, in processes of cognition and memory as well as alteration of the neuropathology of AD. A review of the current evidence and proposals for routes to future therapeutic options for AD will be given.

Room G118, Medical School Building, St Luke's campus

Thurs 17 October 2013 19:00  RCGP Tamar Faculty McConaghey Lecture 2013

‘Quality Assuring the New Primary Care – Who Drives the Changes?’ Speaker: Professor John Campbell

The Arundell Arms, Lifton
Fri 18 October 2013   Workshop: Using Evidence to Make Clinical Decisions

A one-day introductory workshop on the practical use of evidence in practice, this course is aimed at health care professionals based within Devon and Cornwall who wish to gain knowledge of finding and appraising evidence in everyday practice where time is short.

Truro - Venue TBC
Mon 21 October 2013 12:00 – 13.00 Rehabilitation of self-identity after traumatic brain injury

PenCLAHRC seminar. Key speaker: Dr William Levack PhD, MHealSc (Rehabilitation), BPhty, University of Otago, New Zealand

Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building
Thurs 24 October 2013 10.30 – 12.30  Workshop: An introduction to economic evaluations
By the Health Economics Group, University of Exeter Medical School. 

Provides a pragmatic framework for developing economic evaluation research proposals, and some of the knowledge and skills needed to interpret and appraise economic evaluation research papers.
Contact Leala Watson to attend.

Room 134, Old Library, Streatham Campus.

Events archive 2011-2012


Wednesday 25 July 2012


Measuring the quality of care for children in UK general practice: what is the role of emergency admissions?

Speaker: Peter Gill, DPhil candidate, Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford G18LT, PMS, St Lukes campus, Exeter
 Thursday 19 July 2012  12:00  Causal & Mediational Data Analyses Methods in Complex Interventions Trials

 Speaker: Professor Graham Dunn & Dr Richard Emsley, University of Manchester

  Sir Henry Wellcome Building for Mood Disorders Research (behind Washington Singer Building), Uni of Exeter, Streatham
 Monday 16 July 2012  12:00  The creation of UBUNTU - An Exhibition about Person-Centred Care

 Speaker: Jeanette Durkan, Project Manager, UBUNTU, University of Gothenburg, Sweden


 Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
 Monday 2 July 2012  16:00  Rethinking Recommendations for Depression  Speaker: Dr Brett Thombs, Associate Professor McGill University, Canada  Room G17/G18 Wellcome Building, Mood Disorders Centre, Streatham Campus, Exeter
 Thursday 28 June 2012  12:30  Using Geospatial Modelling and Visualisation to Aid Healthcare Decision Making  Speaker: Dr Honora Smith, Southampton University/Jon Smith, Selective Analytics  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
 Friday 22 June 2012  13:00  Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy: A Promising New Approach  Speaker: Professor Willem Kuyken, Mood Disorders Centre, University of Exeter  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
 Wednesday 13 June 2012  15:00  Biomarker and surrogate diagnostics and therapeutics: a systematic historical review of conceptual, clinical, statistical, regulatory and industry processes and their frameworks  Speaker: Professor Marissa Lassere, Uni New South Wales  Veysey Building, Exeter
 Monday 11 June 2012  14:30  Sticking with it: promoting adherence with self-management in long-term conditions  Speaker: Lisa Robinson, Advanced PT, Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust  G18 LT, St Luke's campus, Exeter
 Friday 1 June 2012  12:00  Journeys through time; an introduction to qualitative longitudinal research  Speaker: Professor Bren Neale, University of Leeds  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
 Thursday 10 May 2012  09:30  Inaugural meeting - short oral presentations, interactive workshops and posters  Speaker: Peninsula Dementia Research Network (PenDEM)  Buckfast Abbey
 Thursday 3 May 2012  12:30  Reflections on the measurement of health gain Speaker: Professor David Parkin, Chief Economist NHS East Coast   Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
 Monday 30 April 2012  13:00  Values and Normative debates associated with User and Public Involvement (UPI) in Health and Social Care Research 'mixed-methods literature review employing narrative synthesis methods  Speaker: Dr Felix Gradinger, The Third Gap, PCMD  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
 Monday 23 April 2012  12:00  Grieving narratives and ambivalent identities following perinatal death  Speaker: Dr Kerry Jones, Research Fellow, PenCLAHRC, PCMD  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
 Friday 20 April 2012  13:00  Is earlier always better in the diagnosis of Autism?  Speaker: Dr Ginny Russell, RF, PCMD  Veysey Building, Exeter
 Friday 30 March 2012  13:00  Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1): Family Experiences and Healthcare Management  Speaker: Daniele Carrieri, ARF, Egenis, University of Exeter  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
 Tuesday 13 March 2012  13:00  Perspectives on integrated services  Speaker: John Shaw, SEND Pathfinder Lead for Integrated Children's Services, Devon  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
 Wednesday 7 March 2012  12:30  Estimating the value of a QALY across Europe  Speaker: Angela Robinson, Senior Lecturer, University of East Anglia  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
 Monday 27 February 2012  13:00  Suicide and self-harm: recent findings and future directions  Speaker: Prof Navneet Kapur, Manchester University  Lecture Theatre, PMS, RD&E
 Friday 24 February 2012  13:00  Writing for Retrieval: Writing for your research to be found  Speaker: Chris Cooper, PenTAG, PCMD  Lecture theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
 Thursday 9 February 2012  13:00  What difference might the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Green Paper make to SEN and inclusive education policy and practice?  Speaker: Prof Brahm Norwich, University of Exeter  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
 Thursday 26 January 2012  12:30  Operational research in health protection, quality assurance and global health  Speaker: Prof Martin Utley, University College London  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
 Friday 20 January 2012  13:00  The case for standardised diagnostic assessment in mental health services: the Development and Wellbeing Assessment +End of life care for frail older people and patients with dementia  Speaker: Katie Reeves, PhD student, PCMD & Dr Liz Sampson, UCL  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
\Monday 12 December2011 13:00  Does the Health and Social Care Bill mean the end of the NHS as we know it?  Speaker: Prof Colin Leys, Queen's University, Canada Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
Monday 5 December 2011 12:00  Pharmaceutical Fallacy: The Mis-Direction of Regulation, Innovation, and Public Health  Speaker: Prof John Abraham, Uni of Sussex Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building, Exeter
Monday 14 November 2011 12:30  How well are we measuring patient outcome in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?: a systematic review  Speaker: Dr Kirstie L Haywood, Uni of Warwick Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building
Monday 7 November 2011 13:00  A qualitative exploration of processes associated with change in an asthma self-care intervention.  Speaker: Dr Sarah Denford, PCMD Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building
Monday 3 October 2011 15:00  Statistical Validation of Surrogate Markers  Speaker: Marc Buyse, Chairman, IDDI Consultants and Associate Professor of Biostatistics, Hasselt University, Belgium Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building
Monday 3 October 2011 13:00  Does "systematic" mean "comprehensive"?: Issues in Sampling, Searching and Synthesis for Qualitative Systematic Reviews  Speaker: Andrew Booth, ScHARR, Uni of Sheffield Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building
Friday 16 September2011 12:00  Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Evaluation Project  Speaker: Dr Richard Byng and Dr Lexy Newbold, IAPT Evaluation Project Team Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building


Events archive 2010-2011

 Thursday 28 July 2011  12:00  A tale of two Cochrane Reviews: Working like a French peasant to produce the "aristocrat" of systematic reviews  Speaker: Dr Jean Hay-Smith, Uni of Otago   Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building
 Monday 18 July 2011  12:00  Factors influencing the clinical outcomes of children utilizing CAMHS  Speaker: Shelley Brown, PhD student, IHSR  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building
 Tuesday 5 July 2011  13:00  Health Behaviour Change Interventions: Content, Mechanism, Training and Effectiveness  Speaker: Prof Charles Abraham, PCMD  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building
 Monday 27 June 2011  13:00  Why you can't just 'plug in and play' with digital technologies in healthcare settings  Speaker: Professor Cathrine Pope, Uni of Southampton  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building
 Thursday 23 June 2011  12:00  Risk and resilience factors related to family quality of life  Speaker: Prof Jan L. Wallander, Uni California  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building
 Tuesday 21 June 2011  13:00  Smoking and atherosclerosis – are oxidants the key?”  Speaker: Associate Professor Clare Hawkins from Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney, Australia  Norman Conference Room, PMS, St Luke's Campus
 Wednesday 15 June 2011  12:00  The James Lind Alliance: tackling treatment uncertainties together  Speaker: Katherine Cowan, co-author JLA guidebook  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building
 Friday 20 May 2011  13:00  Temporal Dimensions of Chronic Illness: Analysing the unanticipated in qualitative research  Speaker: Professor Myfanwy Morgan, Kings College London  Lecture Theatre, Veysey Building
 Thursday 12 May 2011  11:30  Condition-specific QALYs - Why, how, and do they help?  Speaker: Prof John Brazier, ScHARR, Uni of Sheffield  Veysey Building
 Thursday 31 March 2011  13:00  Making health services age proof and fit for purpose: why older people need to be central to service delivery  Speaker: Prof David Oliver, Dept of Health  Veysey Building
 Friday 18 March 2011  12:00  Promoting health through social identity  Speaker: Mark Tarrant from PCMD Veysey Building
 Monday 14 March  13:00  Strategies for Handling Missing Data in Randomised Trials  Speaker: Dr Ian White, MRC BioStatistics Group, Cambridge  Veysey Building, Rm 005
 Tuesday 1 March 2011  12:30  Health economic aspects of diabetic reinopathy - eliciting costs and quality-adjusted life year weights for use in decision models  Speaker: Emelie Heintz, Linkoping Uni, Sweden  The Veysey Building
 Friday 11 February 2011  12:00  Identifying common profiles of language development in pre-school children using longitudinal latent class analysis  Speaker: Dr Obioha Okoumunne, PenCLAHRC, PCMD  The Veysey Building
 Monday 7 February 2011  12:30  Methodological issues raised by economic evaluations in the perinatal and paediatric context  Speaker: Professor Stavros Petrou (Professor of Health Economics) from University of Warwick  The Veysey Building
 Thursday 20 January 2011  12:00  Complexities of health systems and collaboration in health: making use of Luhmann's systems theory  Speaker: Dr Olga Boiko, PenCLAHRC, PCMD  The Veysey Building
 Wednesday 8 December 2010  12:30  Population healthcare: decision making using a Bayesian framework  Speaker: Dr Cathal Walsh, Dublin  The Veysey Building
 Monday 6 December 2010  13:00  Role of cerebral emboli in Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia  Speaker: Dr Nitin Purandare, University of Manchester  The Veysey Building
 Friday 5 November 2010  12:00  Paternal depression in the postnatal period and its association with parenting behaviour and family functioning  Speaker: Dr Lamprini Psychogiou from Mood Disorders Centre, School of Psychology, University of Exeter  The Veysey Building
 Friday 22 October 2010  13:00  Public participation in medicine and translational science: the key to health-effective services  Speaker: Dr Rupert Whitaker from Tuke Institute, London  The Veysey Building
Friday 8 October 2010 12:30  Qualitative evidence synthesis: An exemplar about preventing falls with visually impaired older adults.  Speaker: Dr Claire Ballinger (Director/Senior Qualitative Health Research Fellow) from Research Design Service South Central, University of Southampton.  The Veysey Building
Wednesday 15 September 2010 13:00  A Capability Approach to Economic Evaluation  Speaker: Professor Joanna Coast (Professor of Health Economics) from University of Birmingham  The Veysey Building
Monday 13 September 2010 12:30  Preventing Type 2 diabetes through physical activity and weight loss: Experiences from a state-wide diabetes prevention programme  Speaker: Professor Prasuna Reddy from Flinders & Deakin Unis, Australia  Lecture Theatre, RD&E (Wonford)

Events archive 2008-2009

Tuesday 21st–23rd July 2009   2nd international meeting on conversation analysis & clinical encounters - Practical, Methodological and Dissemination Issues Invited Speakers:
  • Virginia Gill, Illinois State University: “Patient agency in the medical visit”
  • Anita Pomerantz, University at Albany, S.U.N.Y: “Interactional Practices for Increasing Patient Literacy”
  • Tanya Stivers, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Netherlands: “Doctor-Patient Clashes over Treatment Preferences”
  • Plus feedback on ‘live projects’ led by Paul Drew & John Heritage
Meeting Programme - [PDF - 25Kb]
Peninsula Medical School, Universities of Exeter and Plymouth - Roland Levinsky Building.