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5 2018 - 5 September 201913:00

QuEX Initiator Grant Seminar: Economic Evaluation (cost-effectiveness analysis) in Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia.

Speakers include Professor Tracy Comans and Dr Kim-Huong Nguyen, who are visiting as part of the University of Queensland-University of Exeter (QuEX) Collaboration, Dr Ron Handels from the University of Maastricht, and Professor Colin Green from the University of Exeter Medical School.. Full details
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22 November 201813:00

IHR Seminar: Crafting communities of health: the work of hope in aging japan

Speaker:Dr Iza Kavedžija. Full details
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27 November 201812:30

IHR & CTU Seminat: Danish Centre for Intervention Research - building a scientific evidence base for health promotion and disease prevention through intervention research in real world settings

Speaker: Rikke Fredenslund Krølner, Senior Researcher, at the National Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark and Scientific Coordinator of Centre for Intervention Research. Full details
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28 November 2018

APEx seminar

Exploring the role of peer-led group-based nterventions in the care of adult sexual abuse survivors AND To beet or not to beet? That is the question - a brief review of dietary nitrate as a potential ergogenic and therapeutic aid. Full details
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4 December 201813:00

LKD Seminar - Dr Jessica Sheringham, Senior Research Associate, UCL

Learning, Knowing, Doing Series Seminar. Full details
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13 December 201810:30

IHR Seminar: How does ‘implementation’ in process evaluation relate to the ‘implementation studies’ field?

Speaker: Vashti Berry. Full details
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25 January 201914:30

IHR Seminar: Severity Adjusted Probability Of Being Cost-Effective: A Novel Approach To Integrate Severity And Cost-Effectiveness With Applications To Norway And The Netherlands

Speaker: Dr Matthijs Versteegh, Institute for Medical Technology Assessment, Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Full details
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13 February 201913:00

PGR Supervision training event afternoon

Several training events for PGR supervisors will take place. Full details
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2 - 3 July 20199:00

Annual Research Event (ARE) 2019

Full details
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