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7 February 202012:30

Faculty Development Seminar: Ms Arundi Mahendran

“RUPTURES IN PRACTICE: coping and learning in the here-and-now of clinical practice” by Arunthathi Mahendran Senior Lecturer and Consultant Transplant Surgeon, Queen Mary University/Barts and the Royal London Medical School Friday 7th February 2020 12:30 – 13:30 South Cloisters 3.06, St Luke’s Campus. Full details
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18 March 202012:30

POSTPONED Faculty Development Seminar: Dr Helen Reid

By Helen Reid, GP and Clinical Lecturer in Centre for Medical Education (CME), Queen's University Belfast (QUB). Full details
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30 April 202012:30

POSTPONED Faculty Development Seminar: Dr Corrina Cory

Dr Corrina Cory - Senior Lecturer in Engineering and Entrepreneurship, Strategic Curriculum Development Lead (Engineering) Corrina is an Edupreneur and Chartered Engineer with over 20 years’ experience in education, engineering and entrepreneurship. Her industry background as a Senior Consultant and Team Leader (Injury Biomechanics) at Arup paved the way to the creation of two of her Limited Companies, a social network and an engineering consultancy selling technical services to global engineering companies. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Engineering and Entrepreneurship and Strategic Curriculum Development Lead (Engineering) where she is co-developing the 2020 Engineering Programme. She has been a GSPBL practitioner for 4 years and recently qualified as a GSPBL Coach through PBL Works. Corrina has put this into practice coaching staff through the development of authentic multi-disciplinary GSPBL projects to empower students with the 21st century skills required for success. Full details
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27 May 202012:30

POSTPONED Faculty Development Seminar: Mr Neil Rice

Further details on this seminar to be confirmed shortly. Full details
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17 June 202012:30

POSTPONED Faculty Development Seminar: Professor Sandra Nicholson

Professor Sandra Nicholson, Centre Lead, Centre for Medical Education, Queen Mary University of London. Full details
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9 September 202012:30

POSTPONED Faculty Development Seminar - Dr Tudor Chinnah

Addressing the academic support needs of international students in a modern medical education curriculum. Full details
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4 November 202012:00

Faculty Development Seminar: Investigating our unconscious biases, empowering BAME students

We feel that we are open-minded, progressive individuals who are trying to make the world a little bit better. While the intention is great, sometimes, our unconscious biases hold us back. Despite our efforts to be inclusive, BAME students still feel a sense of isolation/loneliness or a poor sense of belonging because often as academics, we may say things or behave in ways that may offend, discourage or disempower them due to our unconscious biases. Are we ready to become conscious of our unconscious biases? Dr Reza will share her journey on peeling some layers of my unconscious bias through critical reflection and charting a path forward.. Full details
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5 November - 10 December 202012:30

Waking up to the planetary health emergency webinar series

Full details
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26 November 202012:00

CMH Book Club - Me and White Supremacy by Layla F Saad

With the aim of raising awareness about issues around racism, white privilege, white supremacy, unconscious bias, microaggressions and other pressing and urgent topics, the College of Medicine and Health is starting a Book Club, ‘Let’s talk about race’. The Book Club will be a safe and intellectual space for academics to come together and engage in difficult, uncomfortable and potentially awkward but much needed conversations about race so that we can become more educated and aware. Racism and privilege have been constructed by society, but we can come together to actively dismantle it with open conversations as a starting point. We will meet every 6-8 weeks and share our thoughts and understanding on topics that we agree on. The first session will start off with discussing White Privilege, White Fragility and Tone Policing from the book, ‘Me and White Supremacy’ by Layla F Saad.. Full details
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16 December 20209:00

The COVID-19 Responses in Medical Education: The Hong Kong Experience

CMH Faculty Development Educational Seminar Series: "The COVID-19 Responses in Medical Education: The Hong Kong Experience" Speakers: Professor Paul Lai (Director, Office of Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong) & Professor Carmen Wong (Associate Director, Office of Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong) This Faculty Development Educational Seminar Series presentation is scheduled 9-10am to accommodate the time difference (Hong Kong +8 hours) Further details including biographies and session content, together with the Teams link will be circulated shortly.. Full details
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19 May 2021

Academic research event for Academic Research Fellows

All trainees will be expected to submit an abstract describing a research project they have led/contributed to 4 weeks in advance. Full details
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15 September 2021

NIHR Integrated Academic Training Day

Please note, this event may take place virtually via MS Teams. This is a compulsory academic event aimed at welcoming the 2021 recruited academic trainees, sharing relevant information on training and evaluation and networking opportunities. Full details
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