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22 January 2019

A future vision for general practice

Chair of Royal College of General Practitioners. Full details
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25 January 201914:30

IHR Seminar: Severity Adjusted Probability Of Being Cost-Effective: A Novel Approach To Integrate Severity And Cost-Effectiveness With Applications To Norway And The Netherlands

Speaker: Dr Matthijs Versteegh, Institute for Medical Technology Assessment, Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Full details
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30 January 201915:00

IBCS Seminar Series

Speaker: Dr Luigi Gnudi, Professor of Diabetes and Metabolic Medicine, Kings College London. Full details
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5 February 201912:30

IHR & CTU Seminar: Measuring site performance in multicenter randomized trials

Speaker: Prof Alan Montgomery. Full details
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8 February 2019

Should clinicians measure blood pressure in 2019?

Professor of Primary Care Research, University of Oxford. Full details
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13 February 201913:00

PGR Supervision training event afternoon

Several training events for PGR supervisors will take place. Full details
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14 February 201914:30

IHR Seminar: PERSEPHONE; 6 vs. 12 months of adjuvant trastuzumab in patients with HER2+ early breast cancer: A cost effectiveness analysis.

Speaker: Professor Claire Hulme, Health Economics Group, Institute of Health Research, UEMS. Full details
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20 February 201915:00

IBCS Seminar Series

Speaker: Dr Diana Cousminer, Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia & University of Pennsylvania. Full details
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27 February 201914:00

"Inner Space in Outer Space: Microbial monitoring at the HI-SEAS Long Duration Mars Simulations” and radiological research from Johns Hopkins and the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory titled, "Targeting the Medial Prefrontal Cortex to Ameliorate R

Ben Johnson, a Marshall’s Scholar from the US, on the subject of Radiological and Microbiological Challenges of Human Spaceflight.. Full details
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19 March 201910:00

Exeter Clinical Trials Support Network Event 17

Exeter Clinical Trials Support Network Event 17. Full details
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20 March 2019

APEx seminar

ExTraMATCH II: our experience of performing an individual participant data meta-analysis and Completing a systematic review summarising screening tools used to predict physical frailty in adults aged 65 years and over. A dissertation project. Full details
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3 April 2019

APEx seminar

Identifying persons with multimorbidity who are most in need of proactive person-centred care in general practice. Full details
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2 - 3 July 20199:00

Annual Research Event (ARE) 2019

Full details
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