Methods for health technology assessment of medical devices (MedtecHTA)

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is increasingly used worldwide by policymakers to inform decisions about health technology coverage and reimbursement. However, the current HTA framework may not fully address the challenges presented by non-drug technologies, in particular the differences of medical devices relative to drugs (i.e. rapid changes overtime, clinical outcomes dependency on the training and experience of the operator, and dynamic pricing associated with devices in contrast to drugs).
Methods for Health Technology Assessment of Medical Devices (MedtecHTA) is a European Union commissioned project which focused on improving the existing methodological framework of HTA of medical devices and developing a tool that provides structured, evidence-based input into health policies.
The project started in January 2013 and was completed in December 2015. An international team of researchers, representative of six universities and one scientific association, completed seven related MedtecHTA work packages. The stream led by ESMI on cross-country comparison of structures, processes, methods for the HTA of medical devices has been awarded the Egon Jonsson Award during the HTAi 2016 conference in Tokyo.
Over the course of three years, recommendations to policy-makers, clinical professionals and analysts have been issued on improved methods for comparative effectiveness, economic evaluation and multidimensional evaluation of medical devices, including organizational impact and uncertainty surrounding coverage decisions and further investments in research.

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People involved: Oriana Ciani, Jaime Peters, Rod Taylor