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ESMI attends the 24th Cochrane Colloquium (Seoul, South Korea)

In October, Jo Thompson Coon from the Evidence Synthesis Team, together with Harriet Hunt and Chris Hyde from the Exeter Test Group and Linda Long from PenTAG travelled to Seoul in South Korea for the 24th Cochrane Colloquium. A combination of oral presentations and posters showcased some of the ongoing research within these ESMI research groups.

Cochrane Colloquia are annual flagship events, bringing together Cochrane contributors from around the world to discuss, develop and promote Cochrane, and help shape its future. Since 1993, Cochrane has been conducting annual conferences (Colloquia) in order to allow contributors, partners, researchers, and newcomers to meet, network, exchange ideas, and collaborate, with the purpose of advancing Cochrane's work in evidence-informed health care.

In Seoul, over 1500 participants, including leading international names in various branches of health care and research synthesis, met, debated, disseminated and learnt how to dance Gangnam style (well not everyone!).

To read more about what some of the researchers got out of the meeting, you can read the ‘lessons learnt’ on the Evidence Synthesis Team blog.