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ESMI is moving on up

This has been a bumper couple of months for success within ESMI.

Travelling to the US and Canada, are Alison Bethel and Ilianna Lourida who both won travel awards. Alison was awarded £5000 from the University of Exeter Internationalisation Fund to visit the University of Michigan Medical Library, Ann Arbor and learn about flipped classroom teaching for systematic reviews. See more about the course.  Ilianna was awarded a travel fellowship to attend and deliver an oral presentation about the DEIRDRE project (A review of dissemination and implementation research in dementia) at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Toronto in July.

Moving up are Thandie Hara, Becky Hardwick and Harriet Hunt who were all successful in their MPhil/PhD upgrades, and presented beautifully. Becky was also awarded the ‘Best Oral Presentation’ at this year’s UEMS Annual Research Event in Torquay.

Also moving up are Alison Bethel, Simon Briscoe, Darren Moore and Becca Abbott. All have recently been promoted.

Congratulations to everyone!