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Exeter students celebrate their success on graduation day

PhD celebrations in ESMI

ESMI celebrates four PhD successes in 2015. Mary Bond was awarded her PhD in The Psychological Consequences of False-Positive Screening Mammograms in July 2015. Marcela Haasova was awarded her PhD in The Acute Effects of Physical Activity in Smoking in January 2015. Jo Varley-Campbell was awarded her PhD in The Influence of Energy Expenditure, Sex, and Eating Behaviours on Energy Intake and Appetite in Young Adolescents in July 2015. Bogdan Grigore successfully defended his viva in Methods to Elicit Probability Distributions from Experts: A Review of Reported Practice in Health Technology Assessment in June 2015. Bogdan is expected to graduate in January 2016.

Some of them shared with us what this academic achievement means to them.

Marcela: PhD training can be an arduous and lonely journey at times, but the reward is definitely worth it. I have been lucky to find a new home in PenTAG in 2012 and with the support from my line manger Louise Crathorne,  my two inspiring supervisors, Dr Fiona Warren and Prof Adrian Taylor, and some hard work on my part,  I was able to celebrate my doctorate with my friends and family in January this year. Which was simply wonderful.

Jo: Completing my PhD is one of my most proudest achievements and being able to graduate alongside my husband made the day even more special. Looking back at the number of children recruited and studies performed, I have no idea how I managed to do it all, but I am so pleased that I did! 

Bogdan: My PhD project advanced me in three different ways. First, it allowed me to learn and find answers to questions I have always had. Second, there is the trio of my great supervisors, Dr Jaime Peters, Prof Ken Stein and Prof Chris Hyde, who has always helped me to reflect on my work. And finally, engaging with peers and disseminating the answers I found gave me a great sense of accomplishment.

Many congratulations to Mary, Marcela, Jo and Bogdan!