Chris Hyde and Martin Hoyle

(from L to R) Professor Chris Hyde, Associate Professor Martin Hoyle the new PenTAG director

New PenTAG director

ESMI’s technology assessment team PenTAG (Peninsula Technology Assessment Group) has new a director. Associate Professor in Health Economics Martin Hoyle has recently been appointed as the new director of PenTAG, taking the baton from Professor of Public Health and Clinical Epidemiology Chris Hyde. Professor Chris Hyde was the PenTAG director since 2009 and is very supportive of Martin in his new role.  PenTAG is a very successful research group and secured a £3,500,000 tender to continue undertaking technology assessment reviews for the Heath Technology Assessment programme (HTA) for the next six years (2016-2021). The HTA Programme is the largest of National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) programmes. This is an exciting time for Martin and PenTAG!

Both Martin and Chris are really positive about PenTAG’s future:

Chris: “PenTAG is a very important research unit within the University of Exeter, generating 3-4 major publications each year, attracting multi-million pound funding and consistently making national and international impact. It is critical that it is well led. Martin has built on his enormous expertise in economic modelling to develop the additional skills which will make him a great Director of PenTAG ensuring its continuing success. As outgoing Director he will continue to have my wholehearted support.”

Martin: “Under Chris Hyde’s directorship, PenTAG has further established a reputation for conducting high quality health technology assessments.  Our research directly affects the lives of thousands of people in England and Wales as it strongly informs recommendations from national decision-making organisations such as NICE and the National Screening Committee.  I intend to build on this high impact research.”

A big thank you to Chris Hyde for his successful 6 years in the role, and congratulations to Martin Hoyle on becoming the new PenTAG director!