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ESMI researchers (from L to R): Nicola Huxley, Harriet Hunt, Kerry Pearn, Matt Allwood, Marcela Haasova, Rebecca Whear, Louise Crathorne, Lindsey Anderson, Murphy the dog.

ESMI magpies devour the Delicious Dart Trail to raise over £500 for charity

On a thankfully dry Saturday in March, eight ESMI researchers, plus Murphy the dog, took part in the Delicious Dart Trail as a tiding of magpies to raise money for the charity, CHICKS

Not convinced that the actual event of walking 15 miles from Dartington to Dartmouth in fancy dress was enough, the team embraced the nursery rhyme and fairytale theme by making their own magpie costumes (from the One for Sorrow nursery rhyme), and didn’t even let Murphy escape the fancy dress wearing honour.

The team raised over £500 for CHICKS, a Devon based charity that provide holidays for disadvantaged children.

Did we mention that the event includes snacking on delicious local treats along the way?... so it wasn’t a bad way to do it!  Even so, groans of achy limbs could be heard along the Veysey corridors for the following few days.

Well done to all the magnificent magpies!