ADHD systemic review story

Children with ADHD often find classrooms complex and challenging

ESMI researchers publish systematic review of school-based ADHD interventions in Health Technology Assessment

ESMI researchers Darren Moore, Jo Thompson-Coon, Ken Stein, Morwenna Rogers and Rebecca Whear were part of a research team whose work was published in the journal Health Technology Assessment on 1st July 2015.

The team conducted a series of quantitative and qualitative reviews regarding the use of non-pharmacological interventions for ADHD in schools, finding some evidence for the effectiveness of interventions that have been used. They also highlighted a range of factors that can affect how well interventions work, meaning future research ought to focus on not only what works, but for whom and in which contexts.

For more information on their findings, please see their recent mental health seminar presentation, their poster and read their feature in University News.