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Dr Shalwyn Mkuziwaduka, Medical Director of New Horizon Health Care, is planning and building a primary care health centre in Malawi.

Change Projects

Change Projects

A cohort of health professionals from around the world who took part in the Principles of Primary 2021 International CPD course have each worked on a change project. These initiatives, led by the health professionals and supported by University of Exeter academic staff, aim to improve primary care in their communities.


Dr Adam Bitunguramye, a GP at New Munini Hospital in Rwanda, shares plans and progress on his project to introduce a maternal healthcare record and communication system.

Below is a list of some of the current Change Projects.

Name and Role


Change Project

Dr Adam Bitunguramye

GP in charge of Primary Care, New Munini Hospital


Introduction of an electronic maternal healthcare record and communication system.

Shrijana Chhetri

Clinical Practice Manager, Ghurka Welfare Trust


Questionnaire of Nepalese healthcare workers. Initial findings are that they prefer continuity of care and this is a problem as they only want to see one doctor. The project is now looking at how to get past mistrust of other primary healthcare workers in Nepal.

Dr Shalwyn Mkuziwaduka

Medical Director, New Horizon Health Care


Planning and building a primary care health centre. This project is dealing with the issue of attracting fee-paying customers and balancing this with non-fee paying work.

Dr Omneya Ezzat Elsherif

Family Physician


The views of doctors on the effect of insurance-based care on COVID care and referrals to hospital.

Suveksha Shrestha

Clinical Practice Manager, Ghurka Welfare Trust


Evidence-based practice among health care professionals in management of diabetic patients in Gurkha Welfare Trust, Nepal.

Investigating the quality of diabetic care offered to primary healthcare patients in Nepal.

Yvonne Ufitinema

Director of Nursing and Midwifery Unit, Munini Hospital


Impact of Clinical Audit in the Reduction of Perinatal Death