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The Medical School successfully delivers “state-of-the-art education” through its ‘Waking up to Acute Heart Failure’ event

The University of Exeter Medical School has successfully staged a uniquely collaborative educational day at its Innovation Centre. Focusing on the theme of acute heart failure, the event featured leading national and international experts in this field of medicine.

Dr. Andrew Ludman, Consultant Cardiologist and Honorary Lecturer, RD&E, highlighted:

Waking up to Acute Heart Failure was the first collaboration between the University of Exeter Medical School, the RD&E Foundation Trust and the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital to deliver state-of-the-art education in the peninsula - and it was a huge success!

He continued: “We were extremely fortunate to be supported by both nationally and internationally renowned speakers who delivered incredibly engaging talks.”

Encompassing current epidemiology of acute heart failure and the latest developments and challenges in medical treatment, the speakers also addressed the potential of technology and data to improve clinical outcomes as well as the therapeutic potential of rapid advances in mechanical cardiac support devices and cardiac transplantation.

As a key speaker at the event, Dr Owais Dar, Consultant Cardiologist from the Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals NHS Trust, said:

“We have now reached the 50th anniversary of heart transplantation and it still remains the gold standard treatment for advanced heart failure. Newer therapies like ventricular assist devices now provide comparable 3 year survival to heart transplantation with massive improvemnt in symptoms. Early referral of advanced heart failure patients remains crucial to allow patients access to these life saving therapies. This is why education days like Waking up to Acute Heart Failure are so valuable. It enabled us to share the latest advances in acute heart failure diagnosis and treatment and provided a great platform for discussion."

With a steep increase in the number of people going to hospital because of heart failure reported last year, this evidence-based event was created to address the latest developments across the entire spectrum of acute heart failure. And, as explained by Andrew Ludman, it was also supported by a regional artist whose work provided an exceptional focal point at the event.

“We were also incredibly fortunate to have the input of a well-known regional artist, Colin Bentley. Colin normally paints landscapes but also created an oil painting of the first ever heart transplant and his work was a dominant theme throughout the educational day.”

The Waking up to Acute Heart Failure educational day was one of many innovative and impactful Continuing Professional Development opportunities run by the University of Exeter Medical School. Covering an array of highly relevant themes from genomics and healthcare management to extreme medicine and acute heart failure, these bespoke, research-inspired programmes both facilitate and effect real change in the quality of clinical care.

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Date: 29th July 2017