Workshop details

Developing good research questions about assessment

Date: Friday 14 October

Facilitator: Delivered for ASME by Karen Mattick, Professor of Medical Education, University of Exeter

Workshop description

This workshop will be particularly suited to those who are interested in developing their own scholarship or research projects, particularly in relation to assessment. In it, we will explore different types of research question; consider frameworks that can be applied to the critique of research questions; apply these frameworks to real and fictitious examples; and, finally, apply these frameworks to participants’ own project ideas.

Objectives of the session, indicating knowledge, attitudes and skills that participants should gain from it

At the end of the session, participants should:

  • Be familiar with some frameworks that can inform the design of Research Questions
  • Be able to apply these ideas to the critique of Research Questions
  • Be able to transform their research ideas into 'researchable questions'

Maximum number of participants