Workshop details

Assessment of Professionalism in Cultural and Social Competence (PCSC)

Date: Friday 14 October

Facilitators: Janusz Janczukowicz, European Board of Medical Assessors and Head of the Centre for Medical Education, Medical University of Lodz- Poland, Professor Charlotte Rees, Professor and Director of HealthPEER and Director of Medicine Curriculum at Monash University, Australia.

Workshop description

Despite a long-standing debate involving doctors, researchers and the society, there is no single, universally agreed definition of professionalism. Yet the trust of patients and their families is significantly related to healthcare professionals’ professionalism in terms of a number of factors, including cultural and social competence, which is necessary to understand patients’ needs, to provide them and their families with the best possible care and support consistent with the principles of health equity and social justice, and to eliminate disparities and discrimination.

To effectively develop medical doctors’ cultural and social competence (PCSC) we need valid, reliable and acceptable assessment methods and standards, applicable to all levels of medical education and properly aligned with curricula content. Clearly this is not straightforward: assessing some domains but not others conveys a subliminal message that if it is not assessed, it is not really important (e.g. teaching both technical skills and respect for the patients of different cultures and assessing technical skills only). There is also the challenge of how to assess PCSC across the continuum of medical education and training.

Objectives of the session, indicating knowledge, attitudes and skills that participants should gain from it

This workshop is aimed at developing knowledge and skills related to assessing professionalism, cultural and social competence. Current methods to assess both the declarative and procedural knowledge underpinning PCSC will be outlined. Participants will consider the challenges of assessing PCSC, then how to design appropriate assessments and train assessors. The workshop will conclude with invitation to form a working group focused on developing common projects related to teaching and assessing PCSC.

Participants will receive the workshop handouts and the list of suggested reading resources. Conference participants who register for this workshop will receive via e-mail the introductory readings.

Maximum number of participants