Workshop details

Item writing

Date: 15 October 2016


  • Colin Ferguson, chair of Clinical Assessment Panel, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry and module lead for Applied Medical Knowledge, Plymouth University Peninsula School of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Jonathan Wyatt, module lead for Applied Medical Knowledge, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry and University of Exeter Medical School

Workshop description

  • We plan to explore what constitutes the characteristics of a good item, together with how to ensure a secure and steady supply of them.
  • We will summarise how to best structure items, illustrating good and bad items in a practical approach.
  • We will work towards a template or checklist to enable writers to optimise their output.
  • Some group work will aim to improve “poor” items and generate some new items, led by the needs of the group.
  • We will consider item writing for difficult and/or problem areas such as ethics and law.
  • The session will not assume prior expert knowledge of the subject.

Objectives of the session and the knowledge, attitudes and skills that participants should gain from it

We aim to provide participants with the tools to address their individual item writing needs with greater confidence. We will work through a systematic approach which can be tailored to different circumstances.

Maximum number of participants