Workshop details

Computer assisted assessment

Date: Friday 14th October


  • Professor José Miguel Pêgo, School of Health Sciences, University of Minho
  • Dr Steven Burr, Peninsula school of Medicine, Plymouth University

Workshop description

Current trends in higher education assessment demand for increasing number of standardized assessment and sources of feedback to students. This creates an enormous burden on faculty members and administrative staff.

Computer assisted assessment (CAA) has emerged as a technological support to the increasing demand, reducing administration time, creating item data banks and improving the efficiency of the communication and feedback system.

In this workshop we will approach the benefits and difficulties of establishing a computer assisted assessment, namely, hardware and software choice, establishment of workflows, faculty communication and student-teacher interaction.

Finally, an overview of the potential use of CAA as a research tool as a big data source will be addressed.

Objectives of the session, indicating knowledge, attitudes and skills that participants should gain from it

At the end of the workshop the attendee is expected to:

  • Understand the advantages and pitfalls of computer assisted assessment
  • Establish a setup plan to implement a computer assisted assessment program
  • Understand the implications for statistical management of assessment using CAAs

Maximum number of participants