Workshop details

Assessing education competencies

Date: Friday 14th October


  • Gabriel Reedy, Director of Faculty Development School of Medical Education, King’s College London, Chair, Education Committee, Academy of Medical Educators
  • Chris Holland, Director of Clinical Practice, School of Medical Education, King’s College London, Member of Council, Academy of Medical Educators 

Workshop description

Education has long been considered to be a fundamental and embedded part of professional practice in medicine. However, educational activities are increasingly being articulated as distinct domains of competence within the profession, with all of the associated issues of a competency-based approach.

In this workshop, we will explore the notion of educational skills as competencies that can be articulated, defined, developed, and assessed, and work with participants to explore current frameworks of educational competencies from various professional and disciplinary bodies. From these frameworks, we will explore ways of assessing educational competencies, and collaborate on further possible approaches for ways of assessing educational competencies in participants’ specific contexts.

Objectives of the session, indicating knowledge, attitudes and skills that participants should gain from it

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Consider educational activity as a domain of competence situated within professional practice
  • Understand some of the existing frameworks for articulating educational competence
  • Explore some of the existing tools to assess educational competence, including their strengths, limitations, and appropriate uses
  • Collaborate with colleagues on ideas for assessing educational competence in the specific contexts in which they work