APEx will develop strategies and educational activities to attract students to future careers in primary care practice and research.

Primary Care Education

Innovation in Primary Care will be at the heart of the future development of the UK health services. Developments in this area will be key to addressing the many challenges of the changing healthcare environment. The demand for more cost-effective and personalised medical care, led and delivered locally, will require a strong, integrated primary care sector underpinned by high quality research and education.

APEx will focus on developing strategies and educational activities, developing an ‘educational pipeline’ from undergraduate to established postgraduate. We will attract increasing numbers of students to future careers in primary care practice and research, and continue to develop and deliver education and training to healthcare professionals working in primary care. The vehicle for increasing primary care clinical and academic capacity will be the exposure of our students at all levels to high quality clinical general practice and primary care, encompassing clinical service, focussed research, and embedded in an innovative policy-rich environment. The education and training provided by UEMS is co-created with colleagues in Primary Care, NHS Trusts and other healthcare providers, drawing upon multi-professional expertise to provide a stimulating environment of lifelong learning.

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PgCert Clinical Pharmacy (Primary Care and Community) 2018/19 entry

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